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Secret Deal & Walmer, Gregory Holyoake

ISBN/Cat.No: 978 13981 0412 9

The Rattling Cat

In his first novel, written under his stage name of Simon Gregory, The Rattling Cat is a rip roaring tale of smuggling in the late eighteenth century on the coast of Kent.

Miles Papillon has been sent to stay with his uncle, landlord of the Noah's Ark, a hostelry of dubious reputation. He is swiftly embroiled in the search for a smugglers' tunnel guarded by a ghostly skeleton.

Alarming situations ensue and his loyalties are challenged when he befriends the local inhabitants, saints & sinners, each in some way connected with 'The Wicked Trade'.

Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Published: 2021

Price: £15.99

Secret Deal & Walmer, Gregory Holyoake

Secret Deal & Walmer

This book explores the history of both towns and delves beneath the surface to seek out some lesser known stories and hidden aspects of their heritage.

His engaging expoloration uncovers intriguing facts, interesting buildings, surprising tales and the prominent people and colourful characters with links to this corner of Kent.

Churches, chapels, murder, mystery and mayhem, entertainment and sport as ll as smuggling. Discover Deal's links with the Royal Marines, the curious Timeball Tower, the Duke of Wellington's residency at Walmer Castle and more. Ilustrated throughout, this book will appeal to residents, visitors and those interested in these fascinating twin towns.

ISBN/Cat.No: 978 1914913 14 3

Publisher: Conrad Press
Published: 2021
Pages: 240

Price: £9.99


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